Knapweed flower in Oxfordshire England taken by M & J Bloomfield wildlife photographers

Cookie Statement

Use of Cookies on our website

M & J Bloomfield,

Last reviewed 1 Oct 2015

We use cookies that are necessary to enable you to use our site and provide certain basic features.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files containing information that the website needs to function properly.

What information do these cookies contain?

On our website we set a number of cookies on the computer you are using to visit the website. These cookies are in some cases necessary for site to function. Others are used to collect information about the people who visit our website.

Do these cookies hold personal information about me?

No. None of the cookies we use holds any personal data about you. We do not collect or hold any information about individuals who visit our website.

Why do you use cookies?

On our website some of the functionality needed to store information about which page you have just visited. On our shopping site cookies maybe used to help you navigate but they never store any personal or financial information.

Can I turn them off?

Most web browsers allow website to store cookies on your computer by default. You can change this behaviour if you wish. See your browser settings for more details. If you decide not to accept cookies you may find that certain elements of the website do not work.