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Mark Bloomfield partner at M & J Bloomfield

Photography has been my abiding passion since my early teens. It started for me, in my parents loft, with tanks of smelly chemicals watching the magic of my photographs appear from blank sheets of paper.

When I left school, I had only one job in mind, a photographer. This was somewhat of a shock to my parents. Who after putting up with the smell of photographic chemicals throughout the house and the bath full of washing prints, thought that I would at least get a proper job. But it was with their support and help, that allowed me to attend Art College and study photography.

Photographing a wildflowers in Oxforshire

Maybe it was the last few months at Art College that I realised I was going to have to find a job. I did and have been a commercial photographer for much of my photographic career. During my commercial years I have been lucky enough to learn more about photography, design and software than I ever thought possible. I have been lucky enough to be involved with the change from analogue to digital photography, from Letraset, rulers and pens to software.

Photograph of Mark finishing work for the day

Redundancy, was the end of my time as a commercial photographer and the opportunity I needed. Ever since I was a child and being dragged around the countryside, I have loved nature and the outdoors. My childhood consisted of many jars of creepy crawlies. One of my best birthday presents was from my sister an entomologist when she brought home a tube full of weevils.

So here I am today a wildlife photographer.


Jacky Bloomfield partner at M & J Bloomfield

From an early age my interest in animals focused on horses. My passion for horses exists to this day and I am out carriage driving whenever time permits.

Horses are one of my passions, photography has been the other. With both my father and grandfather being photographers, you could say it’s in the blood. Photographic paraphernalia surrounded me from an early age, but I never thought of it as a full time career that came later.

Jacky taking a landscape photograph on a beach in Scotland

The countryside and the natural world fascinates me. As children we were encouraged to explore the world around us. Later on, trips to Egypt and Kenya photographing the environment and wildlife helped shape the photographer I am today. Abstract art also influences my work with its focus on shape and form. Being self taught, helps me, approach photography from a different perspective.

Jacky taking pictures of a Bluebell wood in Berkshire

After various careers ranging from veterinary nurse to senior personal assistant, my life has taken another turn. I have taken the biggest gamble of all and become a wildlife photographer. What happens next remains to be unveiled. All I can say is that I have seen many wonderful sights, had many wonderful experiences photographing the natural world. Perhaps now more than ever I want to see and experience more of what nature has to offer.